DSC02675Another Monday (November 6) – another day for exploration!  We decided to see if our legs would allow us to cycle 22km (along flat cycling tracks, thankfully).  This scenic ride is one of the best-known cycling routes in Hong Kong; it follows the Sing Mun River to Tai Po, then along the Tolo Harbour to Plover Cove.  We rented bikes (one way only) at Tai Wai and off we went.  A lovely, easy cycle, ending at the village of Tai Mei Tuk.



DSC02706We enjoyed a great lunch at a little restaurant, then returned our bikes and took a scenic bus ride back to Tai Po Market and a train ride back to Hung Hom station (home).  So – yes, we can do 22 (flattish) km – we will have to look for longer cycle route next time.

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